The Toronto School: Then, Now, Next

From October 13 to 16, 2016 the University of Toronto, in conjunction with numerous academic and cultural institutions presented an International Conference and a series of cultural initiatives titled “The Toronto School: Then, Now, Next“. The event brought together international scholars to engage in dialogue on the origins, rise, decline and the rebirth of the so-called Toronto School of Communication.

Discussion reflected on its pioneers, its champions and also its critics. It examined the extent to which the Toronto School has provided a legacy that continues to offer insight on crucial and systemic issues facing contemporary society across various disciplines.

The Conference was a remarkable collaboration of the iSchool, Innis College, University of St. Michael’s College, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, ICCIT, York University, Ryerson University, OCAD University, George Brown College, and many other institutions. Theorists, experimentalists, and international scholars from diverse disciplines shared ideas and explored methods that challenge the way we conduct research.

150+ Speakers
28 sponsors and partners

21 countries
32 Panels
8 Social Events
A Multi-Media Exhibition
A Town Hall Meeting

Keynote speaker: John Ralston Saul

Invited speakers: William Buxton, Concordia University; Richard Cavel, University of British Columbia; Hart Cohen, Western Sydney University; Derrick De Kerckhove, University of Toronto; Sara Diamond, OCAD University; Paul Elie, Georgetown University; Bruce Elder, Ryerson University; Gary Genosko, University of Ontario; Brian Russell Graham, Aalborg University; Jerry Harp, Lewis & Clark College; Paul Heyer, Wilfrid Laurier University; Ursula Huws, University of Hertfordshire; Mark Kingwell, University of Toronto; Arthur Kroker, University of Victoria; Elena Lamberti, University of Bologna; Claude Le Fustec, Rennes 2 University; Mark Lipton, University of Guelph; Gail Lord, Lord Cultural Resources; Robert Logan, University of Toronto; Janine Marchessault, York University; Eric McLuhan, Independent Scholar; Joshua Meyrowitz, University of New Hampshire; B.W. Powe, York University; Erhard Schuttpelz, Siegen University; Rita Watson, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and more…

The conference engaged the public in generating and sharing knowledge of value to our lives and our future. “The Toronto School” has been envisioned as a sustainable and valued force having found its place in the city and the global community that has congregated in Toronto for the conference.

Honorary Patron
The Hon. ELIZABETH DOWDESWELL Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Honorary Committee
LARRY ALFORD, University of Toronto Libraries; RANDY BOYAGODA, University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto; DAVID CAMERON, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto; DERRICK DE KERCKHOVE, University of Toronto; WENDY DUFF, Faculty of Information (iSchool), University of Toronto; CHARLIE KEIL, Innis College, University of Toronto; GAIL LORD, Lord Cultural Resources; MICHAEL MACMILLAN, Blue Ant Media; DON MCLEAN, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto; MICHAEL MCLUHAN, Marshall McLuhan Estate; DAVID MULRONEY, University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto; WILLIAM ROBINS, Victoria University in the University of Toronto; DOMINIQUE SCHEFFEL-DUNAND, York University; NORA YOUNG, CBC.

Conference Chair
PAOLO GRANATA, University of Bologna, Visiting Professor University of Toronto

Organizing Committee
SEAMUS ROSS, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto; DAVID NOSTBAKKEN, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto; ANGELA ESTERHAMMER, Victoria College, University of Toronto; MARK MCGOWAN, St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto.

Program Committee
WILLIAM BUXTON, Concordia University; VITTORE CASAROSA, University of Pisa; RICHARD CAVELL, University of British Columbia; COSTIS DALLAS, University of Toronto; MARCEL DANESI, University of Toronto; MICHAEL DARROCH, Windsor University; KEVIN DOWLER, York University; DANIEL DRACHE, York University; BRUCE ELDER, Ryerson University; GARY GENOSKO, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; SARA GRIMES, University of Toronto; JERRY HARP, Lewis & Clark College; SUSAN HODGETT, Ulster University; MARK KINGWELL, University of Toronto; ELENA LAMBERTI, University of Bologna; ROBERT K. LOGAN, University of Toronto; ANNE MACLENNAN, York University; JANINE MARCHESSAULT, York University; ERIC MCLUHAN, Independent Scholar; JOSHUA MEYROWITZ, University of New Hampshire; PAUL MOORE, Ryerson University; JEREMY PACKER, University of Toronto Mississauga; DANIEL PARÉ, University of Ottawa; MATT RATTO, University of Toronto; LESLIE REGAN SHADE, University of Toronto; JILL ROSS, University of Toronto; STEPHEN RUPP, University of Toronto; SARAH SHARMA, University of Toronto Mississauga; GABRIELLE SLOWEY, York University; LANCE STRATE, Fordham University; RITA WATSON, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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